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Which water dispenser do you want to choose?

Feb 24,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

There is no doubt that water is the source of life. It is said that many experts propose to drink eight glasses of water a day. This will satisfy the human body’s most basic drinking amount. But, will you really drink enough eight glasses of water a day? ?
I think very few people will drink enough, especially if they don’t use a water dispenser, they want to drink hot water and need to boil water. This is troublesome and time-consuming. Therefore, there are all kinds of water dispensers. All kinds of drinking fountain brands flooding into the market are more likely to be liked by consumers and arouse everyone's desire to buy. So in the market, which water dispenser is better?

First, ordinary drinking fountains
Ordinary drinking fountains need to have the function of drinking water at room temperature or ice, or hot water. Whether you want to buy a drinking fountain at home or in an office, the only requirement for drinking fountains is hot water, or you can make tea when meeting guests. is allowed.
This kind of ordinary water dispenser can be chosen at will. The difference between each brand is not too big. The only point to note is that it will have two types, warm and ice hot, and you can choose according to your preferences.
Warm ones are generally a normal temperature outlet and a hot outlet. If you buy an ice-hot water dispenser, it will have one more cooling function than the warm one. If the cooling function is turned on, it will itself The outlet of the normal temperature water will become ice water, which is very convenient.
Second, the upgraded water dispenser
The upgraded version of the water dispenser has a higher hot water temperature than the ordinary version. For example, the hot water temperature of the ordinary water dispenser can only reach 90 degrees, while the upgraded version of the water dispenser can make the water complete. boiling.
There are two types of water dispensers in the market that can make hot water completely boil, one is an external boiling tank type, and the other is an instant heating type. The former is simply to put the heater in the water dispenser outside, and the latter is similar to heating up quickly, turning the inside into a high-power heating rod.
In general, for the type with an external boiling tank, the heating base of the electric kettle is placed at the place where the water dispenser receives the water. This type of model will also have a difference between a warm type and an ice-heat type, which may be more functional at the price Will be higher? So you can choose according to your own pre-selection.
The instant heating type can receive hot water within 35 seconds after you press the heating button, but there are not many models of this product.
Third, the premium version of the water dispenser
Ordinary drinking fountains may easily allow bacteria to grow during use, and there are already drinking fountains on the market that can solve this problem. This type of water dispenser belongs to the down-mounted type. It puts a suction pipe into the inside of the machine, and then puts the bottled water. Although this is not completely isolated from the air, it also reduces the contact with the air. Therefore, the growth of bacteria is reduced.