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Still using barreled water + water dispenser? Water purification has entered the "whole house" era

Aug 04,2016 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Drinking water is the most simple and simple in life, but it is also an important part of maintaining health. Household drinking water equipment, from kettles to drinking fountains, to water purifiers, people continue to pay attention to water quality and safety.

Bottled water + water dispenser, have you noticed these safety hazards?

The source of potential safety hazards for bottled water + drinking fountains is first of all water quality problems. There are many manufacturers of bottled water, but it is not easy to judge the quality of pure water by the naked eye. The material and life of the bucket will also affect the quality of the water in the bucket. Make an impact. Even qualified large-brand bottled water cannot guarantee that the cover will not loosen during transportation during the circulation and transportation. Once the air leaks, it will be polluted by air. Moreover, barreled water has to go through so many steps before coming to your house, and if one step goes wrong, it will affect the quality of your drinking water. Therefore, even if your choice is a qualified product, it may not be so "pure" in your hands.

In addition, when using the water dispenser daily, touch the water-receiving buttons and other places with your hands, thereby further increasing the probability of cross-infection of bacteria. For daily use, due to various reasons, regular cleaning of the body and interface of the water dispenser cannot be fully implemented. If the inner tank of a traditional water dispenser is not cleaned for more than three months, many residues and harmful substances will remain, and many bacteria will breed at the same time. Do you dare to drink such water?

Since the combination of bottled water and water dispenser cannot be used with confidence, what other necessary measures can be taken for domestic drinking water?

Whole house water purification is the safer and more reliable choice

The "visible" smog has caused everyone's attention and attention. The serious "invisible" water problem cannot be ignored either. Families choose the whole house water purification system, which can directly purify tap water for deep purification and realize healthy and good water to make by yourself!

Briefly understand the four steps of water purification in the whole house:

Step 1: Pre-filter

The pre-filter is generally the first step of the whole house water system. It is installed behind the water meter of the inlet pipe and is also the most basic part of the water purification system. The function of the pre-filter is to filter out large particles of impurities, effectively filter suspended solids, sediment, rust, etc. in the water, which can protect the safety of the pipeline system and at the same time protect the wading appliances, such as water floor heating, water heaters, Washing machine, dishwasher, etc.

Step 2: Central water purifier

The central water purifier has different filtration accuracy according to the type of filter element. According to the filtration accuracy, the water purifier can be simply divided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration, RO reverse osmosis and other types. It can effectively reduce the residual chlorine in the water, absorb different colors and odors, and make the filtered water clean and hygienic. The central water purifier is often installed below the cabinet sink or balcony after the pre-filter (depending on the size of the model), and the drain can be directly connected to the sewer or floor drain.

Step 3: Central water softener

The central water softener mainly solves the scale problem caused by hard water, improves the water hardness, and softens the water quality. The water softener uses the principle of ion exchange, and the removal rate of hardness (water and alkali) is more than 99%, which can fully soften all the water in the family. Soft water is the main help for skin care, clothes and cleansing. Soft water bath rinses more thoroughly and the skin is smoother. The degree of damage to clothes by soft water in the washing machine is greatly reduced. After washing the towels will not dry out, the inner wall of the toilet is not easy to scale .

Step 4: Drink water purifier at the end

The high-end direct drinking machine filters with high precision, removes odors and odors, and improves the taste. Its advanced sterilization function can keep the treated water aseptic, and the purified water can be directly consumed without boiling.

Choose the whole house water purification system, starting from the tap water to the home, and truly provide healthy and pure domestic water and drinking water for the family, drinking more at ease.