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Automatic drinking fountain

Jun 04,2020 / News, Company News / Author: ShengKui

1. Energy saving and power saving: unique heat energy exchange and recovery technology, changing the traditional water dispenser to allow boiled water to be cooled naturally before drinking; after the heat energy exchange and recovery, water and electricity costs can be greatly saved: a 500-person unit, using barreled water, The monthly fee for barreled water is 7950 yuan, while the monthly fee for automatic water dispensers is only 50 yuan. In addition, in terms of electricity consumption, UNPROFOR automatic drinking fountains also have superior power saving advantages over barreled drinking fountains. Under the same water consumption conditions, users can save at least 50% of electricity bills.

2. Convenient to use: The faucet is opened to drink with boiling water and warm water. Automatically feed water without trouble of adding water or waiting for water;

3. Health care: all pipelines are fully closed, no secondary pollution;

4. Safe and durable: the unique dual water valve, which opens or closes the patented technology of water inlet and outlet at the same time, and adopts a safety valve that can open to the atmosphere, so that the water tank does not have to withstand the pressure of tap water, not only eliminates the risk of water tank burst, Moreover, the service life of the water tank is greatly improved;

5. Precise control: stainless steel automatic water dispenser, automatic water heater adopts microelectronic control technology, precise water temperature control, simple and intuitive water temperature, digital display;

6. Luxurious and beautiful: the whole machine is made of stainless steel, which is luxurious and beautiful, and will never rust;

7. Large water supply: It can fully meet the characteristics and needs of large collective population and large water consumption.