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What's wrong with the overflow from the top of the drinking fountain?

May 11,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Nowadays, drinking fountains are very popular, and people boil water by themselves have become obsolete. However, the uneven quality of drinking fountains has brought us all kinds of troubles. How to maintain them? Let's take some failures as examples to explain to you:
Internal: Including internal silicone tube aging and cracking, cold/hot tank weld aging, ice bladder leakage, pipeline machine (solenoid valve) leakage, water bottle and other components caused by internal overflow.

Solution: Replace parts.

Top: If water leaks on the top, it is usually caused by a broken water bottle component. The other is that the floating ball of the water purification bucket has a problem and cannot be sealed, but this usually does not happen.

Solution: Use is to check whether the water bottle is broken.

Faucet: The main reason is that the head end cap is loose, the internal silicone sleeve is broken, or there are impurities or scaling inside.

Solution: Tighten the head cover and clean the impurities. If all of the above are invalid, you can only replace the faucet.

The water dispenser is leaking, not from the faucet, it seems to come from the inside of the fuselage, and the side of the fuselage feels very hot when you touch it by hand. There are two reasons for the leakage of the water dispenser: one is the internal components of the body. Water leakage, such as rupture of silicone tube, leakage of heat pipe or cold tank welding seam, leakage of electronic ice tank, leakage of solenoid valve (line machine), and internal overflow caused by rupture of water bottle, etc. These usually need to replace damaged parts or use them in good condition. The second is that the top of the water bottle is leaking, that is, the smart seat is leaking, or it may be caused by the failure of the floating ball and the inability to seal when the water purification bucket is used.

1. If you use bottled water, it is probably caused by a leak in the bucket. The leak is between the mouth of the bucket and the cap. All bottled water is filled repeatedly. The mouth of the barrel will be worn to a certain extent during the filling process. It will affect the degree of sealing between the bottle cap and the barrel mouth. So it is recommended that you still replace a bucket of water.
2. If it is not a bucket, only the smart seat can be replaced. The air intake you mentioned is a mesh on the upper end of the smart seat. The air first enters the sub-pool from the mesh, and then enters the bucket from the smart column. The water in the bucket exchanges positions with the air and then flows into the Huayu drinking fountain.

3. The small round opening is exhausted. If the heater is not exhausted, it will explode. If the water does not leak, just change the heating thermostat. If you do not boil water, it will explode. If it leaks, the one-way valve at the bottom of the water filter is broken, just change it.