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What to do if the new drinking fountain smells of plastic?

Jan 27,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

The gum smell of the newly purchased water dispenser is because the water dispenser contains hoses and plastics. It is normal that there will be a gum smell when you first use it. Generally, you can fill the water dispenser with boiled water and wait for half an hour. Put the water clean, and do this several times;
Some drinking fountains have a heavier taste, you can boil a pot of boiling water, then add some tea leaves, after making the tea, filter the tea leaves, pour the tea into the drinking fountain, wait for a while before releasing the tea, and finally rinse with boiling water Several times;
Generally, the water dispenser needs to be cleaned with warm water several times for the first use. The hot water must be boiled several times before it can be used. It is best to open the piston behind the water dispenser to drain the water inside.
Why clean the drinking fountain
Nowadays, when cleaning the drinking fountain, many families are more concerned about a problem. When cleaning the drinking fountain, its cleaning process is not very complicated, but when cleaning the drinking fountain, everyone needs to pay attention most. It is the consideration of some details.
It is very important to clean the drinking fountain daily. After long-term use of the drinking fountain, many stains will remain in the inner tank of the drinking fountain, and it is also prone to yin and yang water. In this case, bacteria will be in it. The growth and reproduction will eventually lead to the situation where the new drinking water is also contaminated.
How to choose a drinking fountain
1. Look at the brand
1. Criterion for purchasing water dispensers is not the appearance or price, but the brand. Why? Today, when food safety is the first element, certification by international authorities is very important. The wading parts of branded drinking fountains all use nationally certified food-grade materials, which will not cause heavy metal pollution.
2. Look at the certification
Regardless of the brand of water dispenser, you must pay attention to whether the product has passed two certifications: one is the CCEE product certification, which is the authoritative certification for the safety performance of electrical appliances by the China Electrotechnical Product Safety Certification Committee; the second is, eh Approval documents are mainly used to ensure hygiene performance. All products without these two certifications have safety risks.
3. Look at the appearance
In addition to choosing your favorite model in appearance, you should focus on checking the surface of the box, such as whether the sprayed parts are smooth and bright, uniform in color, no fading, no scratches, no blistering, etc. Generally speaking, the plastic surface is smooth and flat with uniform color. The color is rough and dull, and yellowish plastics are generally recycled materials, which are easy to change color and cause pollution. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the base is flat and reliable, and whether the joints between the plates are arched or indented. This is the key to checking the firmness of the water dispenser casing and the impact-resistant machinery.