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What kind of water dispenser is good for the family?

Feb 02,2021 / Industry News, News / Author: ShengKui

What kind of water dispenser is good for the family?
1. Single stage: focus on appearance and convenience
At this stage, most of them are young people, in a state where one person is full and the whole family is not hungry. There are not so many worries when choosing drinking water equipment, and will pay more attention to private space, mainly focusing on the convenience and appearance of drinking water equipment. People at this stage generally have requirements for appearance (maybe this is also the reason for being single...), even if it is a hot water bottle, you must buy the best looking one!

2. Small family stage: focus on healthy drinking water
With the other half or the child, there will be more worries and concerns, and the health will be more important.
At this stage, many people started to maintain their health and stopped staying up late. The wolfberry began to soak in the thermos, and they would pay more attention to the health of drinking water. Bao parents and mothers also need to make milk powder for their children. Therefore, drinking water equipment with water purification function is generally chosen.
3. Big family stage: focus on comprehensiveness
At this stage, there are generally at least three generations in the same class. There are more families, more diverse needs, and more comprehensive needs for drinking water. Suitable for all ages, that is, the appearance that young people want, the health care of middle-aged people, and the convenient operation suitable for the elderly need to be considered.
4. Choose according to function
There are 5 requirements for a drinking water equipment to meet the needs of everyone in the family:

1) Good appearance. This is what I pay most attention to when selecting.

2) Large capacity, no need to change water. The current direct-drinking equipment can meet this requirement.

3) Fast heating, no need to wait. The heating speed is within 1 minute.

4) There are many kinds of temperature can be adjusted. Babies need to make milk powder, adults need to make drinks, tea, etc. The temperature can be adjusted directly to the appropriate temperature, and there is no need to boil and cool.

5) Must have filtering function. Taking into account the elderly and children, the filtered water should contain the mineral elements needed by the human body.