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What is the difference between RO membrane water purifier and ordinary water purifier?

Oct 09,2020 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

What is the difference between RO membrane water purifier and ordinary water purifier?
The filter device of the RO membrane water purifier uses the RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane with very small filter pores, and treats water through the principle of reverse osmosis and penetration. The pores of the RO membrane are one ten-thousandth of a micron, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metal ions cannot pass through. These substances that cannot be passed are in the wastewater.
The so-called cheap water purifier uses PP cotton, activated carbon and other filter elements to process water. The smallest pore of the PP cotton filter element is 1 micron.
The pores of the ultrafiltration membrane are one hundredth of a micron.
The reverse osmosis water purifier is mostly used in the preparation of pure water in the pharmaceutical and other industries.

Household reverse osmosis water purifiers consume electricity (high-pressure pump motors) and waste water (waste water must be thrown away).
The tap water in the city has met human drinking water standards. Drinking pure water treated with RO membrane, many mineral ions beneficial to humans are filtered out.
The wastewater of the RO membrane reverse osmosis water purifier is used to flush the reverse osmosis membrane. When the water purifier is working (water production), the water flow continuously flushes the reverse osmosis membrane to extend the working life of the reverse osmosis membrane. The timed manual waste water drainage mentioned in the question is when the flushing switch is manually turned on, water flows to flush the filter element in the machine (ordinary ultrafiltration machines often do not use electricity and adopt this structure).
The working principle of the two is basically the same, but the role of the filter element is too different. The minimum reverse osmosis membrane can filter small molecular impurities such as heavy metal ion pesticide residues, while ordinary water purifiers can only filter large particles of sand and rust. Wait. It is recommended to use RO membrane reverse osmosis water purifier for drinking water; for ultrafiltration machines, it is not recommended to use it as a household drinking water purifier. Let's talk about the waste water ratio. Some brands of reverse osmosis water purifiers can achieve a ratio of one to one. The early reverse osmosis machines have a ratio of five to one. For household water, the cost difference between the two is actually very small. , The water bill will cost an extra tens of yuan a year.