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What is the difference between oem water purifier manufacturers and ODM?

Dec 02,2020 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

With the rapid development of water purifiers, more and more people see ODM while seeing OEM, and OEM is OEM processing, so what is ODM? Today, TAIZHOU XUBO METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD will spread the knowledge about water purifier OEM/ODM.
The meaning of OEM must have been known to most water purifier agents. As the name implies, the brand pays money to buy the water purifier manufacturer, and then the brand owner puts its own LOGO and sells it to consumers through its own agents. This is equivalent to the meaning of commissioning a water purifier. In this way, water purifier brand merchants do not need employees, water purifier manufacturers, or equipment. As long as a company is directly registered, it can be an agent for investment promotion, which makes the company grow.

And all the products of water purifier brands are basically bought at low prices, and then sold at high prices with their own brands, and then provide services for their agents, such as (market development, personnel training, shop decoration, etc.) ). It is the easiest and most convenient way to start a company with this kind of company. In fact, as far as the current situation is concerned, all water purifier brands will find someone to do the processing, but more or less, some water purifier brands have employees, and they will find others to do part of the processing in the peak season.

What is the difference between oem water purifier manufacturers and ODM? But ODM is not the same, how to say? For example, a water purifier brand manufacturer needs to make a mold by itself and then take it to the water purifier factory for processing. Then this processed machine cannot be used by other companies. It is equivalent to that the water purifier manufacturer only charges for manual machinery. ODM brand owners usually need to have their own molds, or entrust the design to the water purifier manufacturer. Compared with OEM, ODM has a higher cost. And the biggest advantage of this operation is that this model is dedicated for its own use, and there will be no more products of the same type on the market. Of course, usually the brand of this product will first apply for a patent to avoid being counterfeited.

What is the difference between oem water purifier manufacturers and ODM? Now in all walks of life, whether it is OEM or ODM, it is commonplace. This not only saves transportation costs, but is also very convenient for other expenses. Not only small companies find people to do OEMs, but large Brands and super-large brands will do the same. The operating brand specializes in operating the brand, and the production processing specializes in production and processing. Division of labor and cooperation can all use money on the knife edge to maximize its value.