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What benefits can drinking fountains bring to people's lives?

Oct 28,2020 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

What benefits can drinking fountains bring to people's lives
Type selection
   Among the many brands and models of water dispenser products, they can be summed up as three types: warm, ice, and ice. The ice heater is divided into semiconductor refrigerated water dispenser and compressor refrigerated water dispenser. Deciding what type of water dispenser to buy is mainly based on the number of people drinking water and the cooling speed. As far as the cooling speed is concerned, under the same cooling time, the compressor-type cooling drinking water is much faster than the semiconductor cooling drinking water machine, and the supply of ice water is also more than the latter. Therefore, the compressor-type refrigerating water dispenser is suitable for occasions with a large number of people drinking water, such as group companies, institutions, conference rooms, office buildings, offices, bars, karaoke halls, etc. For units with a small number of people, hotel rooms and ordinary families, it is sufficient to buy a semiconductor refrigeration water dispenser.
price comparison
  The selling prices of water dispensers with different refrigeration types vary greatly. Generally speaking, the cost of a compressor-type refrigerating water dispenser is much higher than that of a semiconductor refrigerator, so the price is generally 2 to 3 times that of a semiconductor refrigerating water dispenser. In addition, the same type of water dispenser with the same function is divided into desktop (also known as seat type) and vertical (also known as floor type) models. According to habit, the desktop type is called the popular water dispenser, and the vertical type of luxury water dispenser. Generally speaking, the single price of a desktop water dispenser is 1/3 cheaper than that of a vertical water dispenser.
Function selection
   It is very important to consider the purchase of water dispensers from the use of functions. If you don’t like to use a water dispenser to make cold drinks, you can only use it for making tea and coffee every day. Just buy a warm water dispenser. It is practical and economical. If there are many young people, and you are located in the tropical south, High usage rate in summer, drinking fountain

Those who like cold drinks should buy hot and cold water dispensers. In addition, there is also an ice-warming three-purpose machine, which can be selected according to needs.
  The surface of the plastic sprayed parts of the water dispenser should be smooth, uniform in color, firm in depth, free of defects such as cracks, scratches, and blisters, and the joints should be well-balanced.
Water test inspection
  After the appearance is confirmed, the next step is to check the water flow test. The methods and steps are as follows:   First check the top cover of the water dispenser. If there is no smart seat, it means that the water inlet system does not have the prevention of secondary pollution. The smart seat should be installed firmly and the disassembly should be smooth. The threaded connection of the guide post and the smart seat must be firm; if it is loose, it cannot be tightened, indicating that the thread of the guide post and the smart seat is not well integrated, and the root of the guide post will easily come off or break when used in the future. After bottled water is injected into the water tank (generally 2-3 times), do not press the faucet, the faucet should not drip (the faucet is sealed properly); observe the water level of the bucket, if the water level drops sharply, it means that there is water leakage in the machine (the rubber nozzle is coming out) If there is water leakage), it is not suitable for purchase; press the faucet and press your hand (after 1.5-2 seconds for cooling and 2-22.5 seconds for heating), the faucet should have water flowing out and the water is smooth, indicating that the drinking fountain is functioning normally. If there is no water or the water is slow, it means that the water is blocked or the machine is abnormal. After inserting the bucket into the smart seat, the water in the bucket automatically flows into the hot and cold tanks. Due to the pressure difference in the bucket, there should be bubbles in the bucket rising and intermittent noises; pressing the faucet and pressing the hand will eliminate the bubbles and noises. It shows that the water inflow is normal. Check whether the rubber plugs of the drain pipes of the cold and hot tanks are firm, and whether there is a snap ring to secure the rubber plugs.