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What are the types of drinking fountains

Feb 19,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

What are the types of drinking fountains and how to choose a better one
In modern life, drinking fountains are one of the most common electrical appliances. Whether in the home or in the office, drinking fountains make our lives more convenient. However, do you really understand the variety of drinking fountains? Do you know what types of drinking fountains are available? Let's learn about the types of drinking fountains in order to better choose drinking fountains.

According to the appearance, the drinking fountains can be divided into desktop and vertical drinking fountains, which is our common small drinking fountain placed on the table, and the larger and taller drinking fountains placed directly on the ground. Generally, desktop water dispensers do not have disinfection devices or storage cabinets, while vertical water dispensers are equipped with disinfection cabinets or storage cabinets because of the larger space, which is more convenient to use. In terms of price, the vertical water dispenser is more expensive than the desktop one, so you can refer to the needs of the use when choosing.

According to the temperature of drinking water, it can be divided into warm and hot water dispenser, cold and hot water dispenser and three-temperature water dispenser. The temperature of the warm water dispenser is 88-96 degrees. People who need to make tea or coffee can choose this water dispenser. The hot and cold water dispenser has 2 taps, 5-12 degrees cold water and 88-96 degrees hot water, which can be used by people with different needs. The three-temperature drinking fountain combines the comprehensive functions of the above drinking fountains, and the water temperature ranges from 5-96 degrees, which is more comprehensive.

In addition, according to the classification of water sources, it can also be divided into bottled water dispensers and tap water dispensers. As the name suggests, bottled water dispensers use bottled water directly, while tap water dispensers are equipped with a filter device that requires electricity to filter water before drinking. Obviously, the cost of tap water dispensers is higher, and the maintenance costs are higher. Those who have higher requirements for water quality can consider starting.