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What are the classifications of RO purification and heating water dispensers?

May 06,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

What are the classifications of energy-saving direct RO purification and heating water dispensers?
What is a straight drink machine? What is a pure water machine? What is a pipeline machine? What are the differences between the three?

Direct drinking machine: It is the collective name of pure water machine (RO filter) and ultrafiltration water purifier. It belongs to filtration equipment. The water processed by the direct drinking machine can be safely directly drunk, so it is called the direct drinking machine.

Pure water machine: The pure water machine comes out of pure water, and its reverse osmosis membrane filter pore size is 0.1 nanometers, so the pure water is free of impurities, and there is no scale or any minerals after it is boiled; The filter-type water purifier has a filter diameter of 0.02 microns. Compared with the pure water machine, the ultrafiltration water purifier is a coarse filter and has scale after boiling. However, the ultra-filtered water can also be directly drunk and contains trace amounts. Minerals.

Pipeline machine: The pipeline machine is also called the pipeline water machine. The pipeline machine is directly connected to the direct drinking water source, such as RO reverse osmosis purified water or UF ultrafiltration membrane purified water, so the pipeline machine is usually installed and used with a water purifier. The pipeline machine can quickly provide hot water through the electric heating module, and the pipeline machine that can provide ice water function is called the cold and hot pipeline machine. The rapid heating function of the pipeline machine is usually to meet the drinking water demand of the home and office environment. The pipeline machine does not have the function of filtering and purifying water.

The difference and relationship between the three:

Strictly speaking, the pipeline machine can only heat or make ice from the water provided by the upstream water purifier or ultrafiltration water purifier. However, some pipeline machines do not have upstream water purification equipment, but have their own filtering function and are installed with Ultra filter element, this kind of pipeline machine is actually similar to the direct drinking machine, and can be regarded as a kind of direct drinking machine that can provide cold and hot water. If the pipeline machine itself has the water purification function of RO reverse osmosis membrane, and does not need an upstream water purifier, it is directly connected to a tap water source, then the pipeline machine can be regarded as a kind of pure water machine that can provide cold and hot water.