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What are the benefits of installing a water purifier to our lives?

Oct 21,2020 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

What are the benefits of installing a water purifier to our lives?

Here we will take a look at the emergence of water purifiers. In addition to drinking clean water for you every day, what other benefits have it brought to your home?
The first one is kettle, water heater, boiler
When there was no water purifier in the past, there was still a lot of scale in the water. The boiling water in the house and the solar energy of the boiler in the house, with more and more scale in the house for a period of time, would malfunction and require maintenance. Now it is only necessary to install a front or central water purifier at home to use the impurities in the water as a primary filter. Whether it is boiling water or burning a boiler, the service life of these appliances is increased by at least five years.
The second advantage is that you no longer need to buy bottled water

The real development of water purifier is after 2010. Before 2010, bottled water had always been drunk in China. Including now there are countless bottled water shops in the community. The current bottled water basically can only stay in the community, and the company's office buildings are basically installed with water purifiers.
The reason is actually very simple. There are many places where there are many people drinking water. Installing a water purifier can cost a lot less than bottled water. And the water filtered by the water purifier is cleaner. Because many companies and factories have serious environmental pollution in their localities, they are dusty all day long, and the drinking fountains are not easy to clean. Over time, all pollutants accumulate on the drinking fountain. This will seriously affect the quality of drinking water. But the water purifier is different. The water produced by the water purifier is always the freshest and cleanest.
The third advantage is that there is no need to go to the water vending machine to pull water
In some places, the tap water is not up to the standard. Even when there is no water purifier, many people are unwilling to use tap water to cook vegetables. They took two buckets of pure water, took a few coins, and brought back two buckets of water from the water vending machine in the community. Many of the current water vending machines scan WeChat and Alipay. Unlike the coin-operated water vending machines of the past, they are more convenient than before, but the business is still dwindling. This is why many people have installed water purifiers
The fourth advantage is that you no longer need to buy a kettle.
Now that the water purifier is installed, most of the pipeline machines will be installed later. The pipeline machine has its own heating and cooling functions. In the summer, if you want to drink ice water or make tea with boiling water, go directly to the pipeline machine. You can connect the boiled water to the pipeline The machine heats up in three seconds, and the temperature can be adjusted by itself. You can make coffee with milk powder, and the temperature can be freely selected.
Because water purifiers bring more benefits to consumers, the business of water purifiers is also better. Now it is a better time to join the water purifier industry.