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What are the advantages of high-standard commercial drinking water equipment?

Dec 23,2020 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Usually commercial drinking water equipment uses the original galvanized steel plate, which has undergone precision pressing and transformation by forging presses and molding machines. Other parts of the equipment need to be polished and welded. Argon arc welding and protection welding are used to ensure the stability and corrosion of the solder joints. After the welding is completed, the whole machine is sent to the polishing area for solder joint polishing treatment, and finally it needs to be painted, printed and assembled before it can become a finished product. After that, it has to go through a series of procedures such as motherboard testing before being delivered to consumers. This is also an important reason for the practicality and long life of commercial drinking water equipment. So which drinking water equipment has a good reputation? What are the advantages of high-standard commercial drinking water products?
The first purification accuracy is extremely high (can deal with heavy metals and E. coli, etc.)

It adopts pinhole high-precision technology, uniformly distributed, effectively increases the purification area, and improves the water seepage rate. Moreover, it is filtered by pp cotton, granular activated carbon, post activated carbon and other multi-pole filtration, so this kind of drinking water equipment with good reputation can remove E. coli, Hazardous substances such as macromolecular organic matter can also filter harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, and heavy metal ions.

With industrial pollution, various water pollution, pipeline pollution, and barreled water pollution are becoming more and more serious. Large-scale commercial drinking water equipment can solve heavy metals and chemical substances. It can also avoid volatile organic compounds, bacterial spore cysts, pesticides, and sediment particles. Injury caused by the body.

Second, no secondary pollution (in line with national commercial standards)

Since the quality inspection of commercial drinking water equipment is extremely strict, all its contact pipes need to be certified by an authority and meet food-grade standards to ensure that there is no secondary pollution throughout the water purification process.
The third intelligence is safer (mainly processed by microcomputer chips)

Its motherboards are all self-programming, which eliminates universal use. Therefore, high-standard commercial drinking water equipment needs to be safer. It uses a new upgraded microcomputer chip technology to upgrade the performance of drinking water equipment, more accurate water output control, and reduce the power consumption of the equipment, so intelligence and safety are the characteristics of high-standard commercial drinking water equipment. Important advantage.

The fourth "section" net (ultra-low wastewater ratio)

Commercial drinking water equipment is different from ordinary household drinking water equipment. It must be clean and “saving” at the same time. It adopts industry-leading ultra-low wastewater ratio technology, which can greatly save water. From a long-term development perspective, it is important for building a resource-saving environment. A friendly society has many benefits. From a micro perspective, it can also save drinking water input in the space environment.

According to professionals: high-standard commercial drinking water equipment is usually stratified boiling to ensure that the drinking water is heated by the water layer, the one-time critical boiling point does not produce yin and yang water, and the overall thermal insulation technology is double-effect and energy-saving. The humanized microcomputer design makes the water production faster, and it can ensure ready-to-drink without waiting in the water outlet state, and the high temperature water outlet temperature is controlled accurately.