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Water purifier is an effective tool to protect family health

Aug 16,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

The "double standards" set by developed countries in Europe and America on domestic water supply have effectively guaranteed the drinking water health of residents. The so-called "double standard" means that drinking water and daily water are supplied separately. Two water pipes and two faucets have different prices. Drinking water is expensive but daily water is cheap.
China, which is vast and densely populated, has not yet been able to do this. In terms of the unified water production policy, the implementation methods and strengths of different regions are different, and the populations of different regions have very different awareness of drinking water health. People are struggling to cope with the busy work and life, but turn a blind eye to the potential threats of frequently used water.
Lin Xiuguang, a famous Japanese medical doctor, pointed out in his book "Dying from Water": "Water holds the key to health. The root cause of any disease has a lot to do with water."
Don't trust your tap water anymore
According to the World Health Organization survey, 80% of human diseases are related to water. Relevant data show that 24% of people in my country drink water of poor quality, about 10 million people drink high-fluoride water, 30 million people drink high-hard water, and 50 million people drink high-fluoride water, and the trend is increasing every year.
In order to kill bacteria in the water after the domestic tap water leaves the factory, the method of adding "residual chlorine" is used. Although this industrial process can play a certain role in sterilization, residual chlorine is the natural enemy of skin and hair, which can cause skin roughness, fine lines, dry hair, and residual chlorine cannot eliminate heavy metals and nitrous acid in water. Harmful substances such as salt. In addition, residual chlorine can easily generate organic chlorides in the water that are harmful to the human body, such as monochloramine and dichloramine.
Water purifier is an effective tool for healthy drinking water
Those consumers who know how to take precautions have already included water purifiers, which have been popular for more than a decade, into the scope of family health protection. Faced with the threat of water quality, only through the water purifier can the harmful substances in the water be completely removed before entering the abdomen.
The first major function of the water purifier is: filtration. From all the water purifier filtration experiments we have seen, it can be known that the water purifier can make dirty water clean. Once the muddy sand and floating objects in the dirty water enter and exit the water purifier, they become clean and clear domestic water.
Another important function of the water purifier is: adsorption. As we all know, a process in the water treatment of a water plant is adding liquid chlorine for sterilization, but at the same time a new residual chlorine problem has arisen, and the activated carbon in the water purifier is just used to remove residual chlorine and the resulting peculiar smell.
In the final analysis, the water purifier can improve the quality of tap water, facilitate direct drinking, and build a solid safety net between the water and the body. In fact, even in a few areas with safe water quality, by equipping a water purifier, it can better play a role in family hygiene prevention. After all, hundreds of thousands of dollars are absolutely worthwhile for the health of a family.