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Troubleshooting methods for common failures of drinking fountains

Sep 24,2020 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Troubleshooting methods for common failures of drinking fountains
1. The heating lamp does not light up and does not heat. In other words, the water dispenser will be powered off due to lack of water during installation. The troubleshooting method is: on the premise of disconnecting the power supply, open the rear panel, there are 2 thermostats on the side of the hot water tank, one of which is a temperature control with a switch to prevent dry burning. Use a screwdriver to push the switch inward. Yes; after the switch is reset, power on and check, the heating indicator will light up again, after turning off the power, screw on the back plate.
2. Water leakage from the water purifier There are two reasons for water leakage in the newly installed water purifier. One is that the float valve of the water purifier is not installed correctly. When the water tank of the water purifier is full, the float valve fails to stop the water in the lower bucket of the water purifier from flowing down. And cause water leakage. Remedy: Re-install the float valve and test whether it is working properly under the tap before placing it on the drinking fountain; Second: the silicone tube in the drinking fountain is loose due to transportation. Remedy: Open the rear panel, directly observe or add water to observe where the interface is leaking. After finding out, use a new or original cable to fit the silicone tube on the interface. After repairing, wipe the parts inside the water machine with a dry cloth.
3. Water seepage from the faucet of the drinking fountain. Reason (1): Whether the clasp of the faucet is tightened; Reason (2): Whether the clasp of the faucet is screwed. Remedy: Tighten the red or blue part of the faucet clockwise to reset and tighten the faucet. Or unscrew it counterclockwise first, adjust the silicone tube and spring in the faucet by hand, and then re-screw the faucet; if it still does not work, the after-sales service personnel must come to replace the clasp of the faucet or open the back plate to replace the entire faucet.
4. The cold and hot water string temperature of the water dispenser. Reason 1: The water level in the machine base has been over the hot water outlet. Remedy: Check whether the float valve of the water purifier is not installed properly. The water in the water tank of the water dispenser is full and covers the hot water vent on the side of the water tank of the water dispenser. Hot and cold water are connected together to cause string temperature. Solution: Reinstall the float valve.
Reason 1: The "one-way valve" on the connecting pipe of the hot water tank in the machine seat is faulty, the hot water flows back to the water tank, and the hot and cold water are connected together to cause string temperature. Solution: Replace the "check valve".

The whole machine has no electricity (no heating, no cooling):
Check whether the power socket has electricity, if not, connect it.
Check whether the contact between the power plug and the socket is reliable? Insert it firmly if it is loose.
Check whether the internal and external power connections are disconnected? Does it fall off with the plug-in? If yes, connect it.
5. How to reset the reset thermostat when the light is off
A 96% manual reset thermostat is used in the water dispenser as the overheat protector of the hot tank. The thermostat fails. The manual reset will only operate when the temperature of the hot tank is too high or the hot tank is dry. To the protective effect. The thermostat will not automatically reset after it has taken off, it must be reset manually. The reset method is:
(1) Unplug the power plug and cut off the power supply;
(2) Wait for the water temperature of the hot tank to drop below 25%, then press the reset button of the thermostat.
6. Leakage
Check whether the power cord is damaged, cracked, or exposed metal wires, and repair or replace if any.
Check whether the power socket is reliably grounded? Otherwise, do grounding, mainly because of drinking
The water machine is poorly grounded.
Elimination method: It is necessary to use a reliable grounded three-hole socket and install a leakage protector, and eliminate the leakage fault in time.
Ask a dedicated person or use a megger to check the ground resistance.
7. Hot water is not hot, cold water is not cold
It may be: excessive consumption of hot and cold water in a short time; power is not connected; insufficient cooling time of cold water and cooling water.
Remedy: Wait for a while, you can take water again, pay attention to the proper water consumption of the drinking fountain;
Check whether the heating switch is in the "on" position, whether the power plug is properly inserted, and whether the power socket has electricity; for the first cooling, use water after two hours.
8. No water
(1) No water from the tap
Reason: The big bottle has no water; the water inlet of the smart column is blocked by the sealing paper of the big bottle cap.
Elimination method: replace with a new bottle of water; remove waste paper, pay attention to tear off the sealing paper on the bottle cap, and then install a large bottle of water.
(2) No water from the cold water tap
Reason: ice block.
Remedy: Turn off the refrigeration switch four hours later.