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The hazards of not installing a water purifier will appear in the next few decades

Jul 26,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

The cleanliness of the water during drinking, showering and cooking affects the health index of a family. Laboratory tests have proved that the chlorine-treated water from most urban residential taps still contains bacteria, chemicals and other pollutants.
This is because water is easily contaminated after it leaves the water treatment facility. At present, no country in the world has a good countermeasure to prevent secondary pollution of water transportation. For families who want to obtain clean water quality, installing a household water filtration system is a low-cost, sustainable and effective solution.
The prejudices that once prevented people from installing water purification facilities may have profound effects in the coming decades. A WHO survey found that people’s current drinking habits will determine their health in 10 years. Because harmful substances have potential and chronic effects on the human body, the disease factors that are drunk bit by bit will be latent for 20-30 years before they are revealed.
Preventing problems before they happen is the best choice. By adding household water purification equipment, the harmful microorganisms, heavy metals and chemical substances that are inevitable in the water are kept out, so as to effectively protect the health of family drinking water.
At present, in the water purifier product market, activated carbon water purifier is a relatively common and moderate cost model. It uses activated carbon as the main filter material and is usually installed under the sink. Activated carbon is a very good adsorption material. It has the dual characteristics of physical adsorption and chemical adsorption. It can selectively adsorb various substances in tap water to achieve the purpose of decolorization, deodorization and chemical pollution removal.
The market for reverse osmosis water purifiers has performed well, and consumers are highly enthusiastic. It uses reverse osmosis membranes as the main treatment technology of water purifiers. Through reverse osmosis (physical) filtration, it can effectively remove all impurities in the water that are smaller than the 0.001 micron pore size of the permeable membrane. Without adding any compound, the filtered water can be directly used for human drinking. The reverse osmosis water purifier can not only get rid of impurities, rust, colloids, bacteria, viruses, but also can get rid of radioactive particles, organic matter, fluorescent substances, pesticides that are harmful to the human body, and can also get rid of the annoying water alkali and heavy metals. Make sure that there is no alkali when boiling the water, and at the same time ensure the health of your family.
No matter what type of household water filtration system you choose, you must ensure that you get the actual benefits from the filtered water. The water purifier can significantly reduce the deterioration of skin conditions. Scientists have discovered that substances such as heavy metals, fluoride, and chlorine in water can aggravate skin aging and skin diseases, including psoriasis and eczema. Unclean water makes young children more susceptible to skin diseases. Water purifiers also reduce the risk of gastrointestinal diseases. High-precision water purifiers can filter out parasites that cause intestinal and digestive problems. If you want to completely eliminate all kinds of pollutants in the water and meet drinking standards, installing a water purifier is an effective way.