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Should I install a water purifier at home?

Apr 21,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Should I install a water purifier at home? Don't hesitate if you encounter these 3 problems
With regard to water purifiers, many people are still skeptical. Should a "water purifier" be installed at home? If you encounter these 3 problems, please don't hesitate!

1. Too many floating objects in tap water

Fill a clean, transparent glass with a cup of tap water and place it under the sun. At this time, you can carefully observe the water in the glass under the sunlight. If there are a lot of floating objects, it means that your tap water contains too much impurities and it must be purified.

2. The kettle produces serious scale

The kettle is a daily necessities that we all need to use in our daily life. After the kettle is used for a long time, it will more or less get a little scale. That means that the calcium and magnesium inorganic salts in your tap water are too high, which is not helpful for the healthy drinking of the human body, so at this time your home must have a water purifier to filter and absorb!

3. Tea is easy to turn black

Many people responded that the tap water was boiled at home to make tea. After the tea was left overnight, the water had turned black. In fact, the darkening of tea water is caused by the excessive content of iron ions in the tea water, that is to say, the amount of metal ions in the tap water is too large! As we all know, metal ions have always been a serious pollutant, if you If you make tea with tap water boiled at home, if this happens, I advise you to install a water purifier early!