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Outdoor public drinking water platform in the square

May 25,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

With our ever-increasing living standards and the rapid development of science and technology, the quality of public drinking water is constantly improving. The design of outdoor direct drinking water stations in public direct drinking water equipment is designed for practicality. Various practical outdoor public drinking water platforms Design styling has won the favor of many people because of its humanized design.

Outdoor public drinking water platforms are currently mainly installed in public places such as squares, hospitals, stations, airports, parks, gardens, tourist attractions, etc. Because people come and go in public places, drinking water has always been a problem in public places, and public drinking water should also pay attention to water supply. Quality and health and safety issues. Therefore, when designing and installing outdoor public drinking water platforms in the square, the drinking fountain faucets are designed with push-type quantitative spray water. The operating principle is also very simple. Just press the nozzle faucet switch gently with your hand to drink outdoors. The nozzle faucet of the machine will spray a water column like a fountain. As long as people point their mouths at the water column, they can drink directly. There is no need to switch the valve, and water will flow out. Just let it go after drinking. The outdoor drinking fountain is easy to use and operate And convenient.
Because outdoor public drinking fountains are installed in public places, the users are elderly, disabled, children, adults, etc. Taking into account the drinking characteristics of different groups of people, the outdoor public drinking fountains are designed with high and low troughs and high and low basins. Each basin There is a certain distance between them, and multiple people drinking water at the same time will not cause any impact. This careful and thoughtful humanized design not only takes care of the drinking water of the socially disadvantaged groups, but also reflects the humanistic care of urban civilization.

Of course, the outdoor direct drinking fountains should be installed outdoors. Because of the influence of different regions and climates, in order to ensure that the outdoor direct drinking fountains can always be used normally, different designs will be made. For example, they will also be installed in the outdoor public direct drinking fountains. The heating system allows people to drink warm and constant temperature water in winter or cold places. Of course, in places that are hot all year round, compressors are also equipped for refrigeration, etc. Function, convenient to meet various drinking water needs.
Since most of the outdoor drinking fountains are always installed outdoors, the materials used are required to have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, cold and high temperature resistance, and no rust, and to ensure that the outdoor drinking fountains are sturdy and durable. Therefore, the material of the outdoor public drinking fountains They are mainly made of 304 stainless steel, marble and granite and other sturdy and durable materials. In consideration of the sanitation and safety of the water quality, the outdoor drinking fountains will be equipped with advanced filtration systems inside the drinking fountains to deep-purify the tap water and ensure the quality of the drinking fountains Health and safety.