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Instant water dispenser or traditional water dispenser, which one do you prefer?

Aug 23,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

There is no need to wait to drink hot water. Only instant water dispensers can do it quickly. What's so special about it? Why are so many people using it, and what is the difference between it and ordinary water dispensers? These questions should have doubts in everyone's mind. Since something is so popular, there must be a reason. I believe that after understanding the benefits of instant hot water dispensers, you will also fall in love with it.
The principle of instant water dispenser?
Instant water dispenser is a smart water dispenser that does not need to wait for drinking hot water and does not require repeated heating. The general water dispenser uses a heat tank to heat and store drinking water, but the instant water dispenser is composed of a hot tank, an electric heating tube, a snap-type thermostat, and an external insulation material. The hot tank is generally welded by stainless steel. Into. Its working principle is to fill the hot tank with cold water. After turning on the heating tube, the heating tube will be energized and heated. When a certain temperature is reached, the thermostat will open, the heating will stop, the hot water will keep warm and gradually cool down, and then the snap thermostat will be sucked in. The heating is repeated again and again, and this is how the push-and-out is achieved.
Although the general water dispenser also has a good heating effect, because the design is not very reasonable, there will be certain safety hazards.

1. The design of the drinking fountain is likely to produce yin and yang water, which is water that is mixed with raw water and boiled water. Often drinking yin and yang water may cause intestinal infections.

2. The warm water in the water dispenser will be heated repeatedly to form thousands of boiling water. Drinking this water for a long time can easily form kidney stones.

3. It is difficult to clean the inside, and the water tank of the water dispenser is not visible. It is easy to accumulate scale and bacteria, especially the elderly and children, which can easily cause diarrhea and other problems after drinking.

What are the advantages of instant water dispensers?
1. The hot and cold water are separated, with instant heating function, there will be no mixing of cold water and hot water, and no stagnant water will be produced.

2. The instant hot water dispenser without inner tank is not easy to produce scale. Just pour white vinegar or lemonade into it when cleaning.

3. Because the hot water is press-and-out, there is no need to keep warm when drinking hot water, which can effectively save electricity.