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How to make a small investment and large output in a water purifier business

Aug 02,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Those who want to do water purifier business are most concerned about the input-output ratio. That is to say, if you invest 50,000-100,000 yuan today, when will the cost and profit be recovered? In fact, this can be roughly estimated. Generally speaking, how much money you can make in a month by making a water purifier is determined by your turnover.
So whether the water purifier business is good or not, where is the channel for the water purifier business, how much does it cost to open a water purifier store, and how to increase the turnover of the specialty store.
The main factor affecting the turnover of water purifier stores is the scope of the business district. A business district refers to a retail store centered on its location, extending along a certain direction and distance to attract customers. The business district has an extremely close relationship with the business activities of water purifier stores.
Turnover = number of customers * transaction rate * per capita transaction volume. According to the size of the business district, it is possible to calculate the daily arrival customers in advance, and finally calculate the business quota.
Doing business in water purifier stores must not ignore the degree of supporting facilities in the surrounding business districts. Most home appliances have specialized wholesale markets, such as hardware and electrical appliances wholesale markets, kitchen and bathroom wholesale markets, and home appliances wholesale markets. These markets are surrounded by prime locations for water purifiers, with large passenger flow and high product fit. Choose such a position, the success rate is higher.
Opening a water purifier store must do a good job in the construction, development and promotion of the terminal market. Based on specialty stores, we will work together to develop online and offline markets. For stores that focus on surrounding customers, you can consider promoting them on major Internet platforms. The current period is the bonus period for short video self-media. We also encourage store operators to use the store positioning function of the short video platform to divert physical stores online.
Now is the traffic age of eyeball economy. As a store operator, you must also learn to use some methods to attract customers and divert traffic. As far as offline promotion is concerned, the method of combining on-site live experience and online live broadcast is to quickly open up local visibility.