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How to maintain the school commercial stepping water boiler

May 18,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

In fact, many schools have installed school-specific stepping water boilers, but I don’t know how to maintain commercial stepping water boilers. In fact, stepping water boilers have a long life. If they are not used for a long time, Maintenance, filter consumables are replaced irregularly, there is a danger of damaging the boiler hot tank and important parts, and the water quality also has safety hazards. Today, I will introduce how to daily maintain commercial stepping water boilers!
1. The most important thing in the maintenance of the stepping water boiler is to replace the filter element and consumables regularly. After all, the filter element and consumables are related to the quality of the water. In order to ensure that the school teachers and students can drink safer and more assured drinking water, the filter elements should be replaced regularly. Consumables, for the school stepping water boiler, there are two semesters a year. Generally, the filter element and consumables are replaced a few days before the beginning of school. When replacing the filter element, the entire water boiler pipe network can be disinfected once by the way. Targeted solutions to the hidden dangers of water boilers.

2. Indispensable for the daily maintenance of the school stepping water boiler is a regular inspection once a month. The inspection content is to check the working status of the drinking fountain during use, whether the connection pipe network and the faucet are leaking, and whether the important accessories are normal Work, if there is a problem, it can be replaced in time to avoid affecting the normal drinking of teachers and students.

3. It is recommended to clean the hot water tank of the stepping water boiler once every 2 months, because the hot water tank is easy to scale or the heating wire has pollutants when heating, heating will cause impurities to precipitate and affect the normal use of the drinking water machine .