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How to choose the difference between a desktop water dispenser and a vertical water dispenser?

Nov 12,2020 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

How to choose the difference between a desktop water dispenser and a vertical water dispenser?

The vertical type can be placed directly on the ground, the height is just right, the desktop type is too short, it needs to be placed on the desktop to get the water easily, and the vertical filter element has more filtration stages, and the filtering effect is relatively clean.

Which vertical desktop water dispenser is better
1. When using water dispensers in our family, we must first choose a model that suits our own water dispensers. There are many water dispensers of various capacities on the market. When choosing a water dispenser, everyone should choose a water dispenser suitable for the number of people in the family. Choosing too large a waste of money. Choosing a small one cannot satisfy your own family use. 2. There are two major categories of drinking fountains, one is desktop drinking fountains and the other is vertical drinking fountains. The prices of the two drinking fountains are very different, and the capacity is also different. Desktops are suitable for less than 100 square meters. The cabinet is suitable for families with more than 100 square meters.
3. There are more and more restrictions on the functions of drinking fountains. No matter what kind of drinking fountains there are, they cannot do without the basic ones. There are three basic models, one is hot water and the other is cold water. One is warm water, followed by the addition of new functions. 4. The more new functions of drinking fountains, the higher the price. Some drinking fountains have functions that are not available to many families at all. So it is best not to choose these drinking fountains. We choose drinking fountains mainly for healthy drinking. It's not a waste of money on some useless functions.
5. If the drinking fountain needs bottled water, there are also choices between sizes. Generally, a family of three can use small barrels to satisfy drinking. A family of five needs to use a large barreled drinking fountain, and we also need to consider The placement of the family, the coordination with the home, etc. 6. The colors of drinking fountains are diverse and there are many styles. We need to see whether the color of the drinking fountain matches the style of your overall home, and whether the main color of the home decoration is consistent with the drinking fountain. These are all critical, so when we choose Consider it more. 7. When we choose drinking fountains, we should pay attention to the quality of the products. The other is the level of production technology. These factors will lead to differences in the quality of the drinking fountains and the service life of the drinking fountains. Generally speaking, drinking water opportunities using imported materials are better. Choose to buy.