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How to choose a drinking fountain?

Oct 13,2020 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

How to choose a drinking fountain?
Type selection
Consider from the number of people drinking water and the cooling speed. In terms of cooling speed, under the same cooling time, the compressor-type cooling drinking water is much faster than the semiconductor cooling drinking water machine, and the supply of ice water is also more than the latter.
Function selection
If you don’t like to use a water dispenser to make cold drinks, then it is only used to make tea and coffee every day. Buying a warm water dispenser is both practical and economical. If there are more young people and they are located in the southern part of the tropics, the utilization rate is high in summer and they like cold drinks. You should buy cold and hot water dispensers.

The surface of the plastic sprayed parts of the drinking fountain should be smooth, uniform in color, deep and firm, free of defects such as cracks, scratches, and blisters, and the joints should be well connected.
Water test
After inserting the bucket into the smart seat, the water in the bucket automatically flows into the cold water tank and the hot water tank. Due to the pressure difference of the bucket, the bubbles in the bucket should rise, and intermittent noise should occur. Press the faucet and press it with your hand, the bubbles and noise will be eliminated, indicating that the water is normal.
Electrical performance
Fill water, turn on the power, press the cooling and heating power switch several times, the switch should be in good contact, and the corresponding indicator light will be displayed, indicating that the water dispenser circuit is basically normal.
Disinfection function
Press the disinfection button and after disinfection within the specified time, the power supply should be automatically turned off and the indicator light will go out. Check that the insulating glue layer of the power cord should not be damaged, and use a power cord with sufficient capacity and a special power plug.
Pay attention to timely disinfection
If the inside of the water dispenser is not cleaned for a long time, dirt will be deposited in the water storage tank, water channel and water outlet, and a lot of bacteria will grow. After the drinking fountain has been used for a period of time, it must be cleaned, disinfected and descaled regularly to ensure people's healthy life.