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Five precautions for purchasing a water purifier

Jul 05,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Water purifiers have become an indispensable home appliance product in home life, but many consumers feel headaches when faced with a dazzling array of water purifier products. On the one hand, due to the numerous brands of water purifiers, they do not know how to choose. There are still blind spots in the technology, materials and services of the machine products that consumers cannot reach, and the selection of unqualified water purifiers will also bring drinking water safety problems to the family.
1. What is the purification ability
The primary function of the water purifier is naturally to provide healthy and safe water. A simple method can be used to check the purification capacity of the water purifier:
Borrow a glass cup, put the filtered water in a transparent cup, and then carefully check whether there are any suspended fine substances in the water in a well-lit area. If there is, then the filtering effect of the water purifier is not good; if not, cover the cup and let it stand for three hours, and then observe whether there is sediment at the bottom of the cup. If there is sediment at the bottom of the cup, it means that the suspended impurities in the water exceed the standard and the filtering effect of the water purifier is unqualified.
Second, how does it taste
In addition to looking at the water purification capacity, when we buy a water purifier, we also need to look at the taste of the purified water. There are many water purifiers on the market with good purification capabilities, but the purified water has lost the natural taste of the water itself.
Three, how to design
Whether the design of the water purifier is exquisite and fashionable can also reflect to a certain extent the manufacturer's processing ability and care. We must learn to start from the details, distinguish the craftsmanship of the product, pay attention to the details, such as product materials, gaps, filter elements, etc., do not understand the inner, but must know how to distinguish the outer details.
Four, after-sales service
The choice of water purifier depends more on the after-sales service. Some brands of water purifiers are only responsible for sales, not after-sales. It is very likely that after purchasing a water purifier, you cannot buy a spare filter element to replace the expired filter element, which will ultimately affect the purification effect of the product.
5. Adapt to local water quality
The water quality in different regions of our country is very different. Generally speaking, the water quality in the north is hard and there are many impurities, so you should buy a water purifier or a water softener with an ion exchange resin filter element. The water quality in the south is relatively soft, heavy metals and secondary pollution are serious. Families with high water quality requirements can buy pure water machines, and if the local water quality is better, they can choose ultrafiltration machines.