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Explanation of the knowledge points of filter water dispenser

Sep 29,2020 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Explanation of the knowledge points of filter water dispenser
1. What is a filter water dispenser:

Filtering water dispenser is a kind of direct drinking water equipment (also known as terminal water purification equipment) that can be directly consumed by humans by filtering raw water (physical method) without adding any compounds through the current internationally popular reverse osmosis and other methods. ).

The filter water dispenser introduces domestic advanced ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis technology and accessories to produce the most advanced household and corporate purified water device. The device produces high-quality water, safe operation, stable and reliable, simple operation, small footprint, and most effective It can remove calcium, magnesium, bacteria, organic matter, inorganic matter, metal ions and radioactive substances in the water. The crystal clear, sweet and glycolic is purified by this device. The device is suitable for drinking water purification in households, hotels, hotels, hospitals and other enterprises and institutions.

Compared with bottled water, the direct drinking water produced by Chenyi's filter drinking water mechanism is fresher, more hygienic and safer. It has a wide range of uses: you can use the filter water dispenser filtration process: tap water → pp filter element → water quality processor → battery valve → The outer tube of the heat exchanger is preheated to 85 degrees → the electric water boiler is 100 degrees → the temperature of the inner tube of the heat exchanger is reduced → the warm water is 35 degrees.
2. The benefits of filtering water dispensers:

Filter drinking fountains are the miniaturization of purified water plants. Tap water is used as the water source, and direct drinking water is purified through reverse osmosis water treatment technology. Household water purifiers are exquisite and small and are generally installed in the kitchen, and are equipped with a pure water faucet. It can solve the water problem such as cooking, which is not only convenient, but also cheaper. After installing the water purifier, you just no longer need to buy bottled water, it does not affect the water dispenser at home, it can also reflect its original value to heat or cool the pure water made by the water purifier.

3. The working principle of the filter water dispenser:

The core technology of the filter water dispenser is the reverse osmosis membrane. Its working principle is to apply a certain pressure to the water, so that water molecules and ionic mineral elements pass through a layer of reverse osmosis membrane, and most of the inorganic salts dissolved in the water (Including heavy metals) Organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc. cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, thereby strictly separating the permeable pure water from the impermeable concentrated water. The pore size on the reverse osmosis membrane is only 0.0001-0.001 microns, which is equivalent to one One millionth of a hair strand. The smallest virus must be above 0.2 microns, so they cannot penetrate the reverse osmosis membrane.

Fourth, the category of filtered water dispenser:

According to the use situation, it is divided into manual type (also economical) and automatic type. The difference is only in the backwashing of the pure water machine. The economical pure water machine uses a manual backwash valve. At the same time, the water purifier is divided into cabinet-top type and cabinet-under type according to the characteristics of use, and the functions are the same. At present, the technological development of water purifiers has been diversified. There are water purifiers without power supply, pressure-free bucket water purifiers, mineralized water purifiers, mini water purifiers, etc., only if there is a demand, there is a suitable one!
Five, the function of filtering water dispenser:

It can not only get rid of impurities, rust, silt, colloids, bacteria, viruses, but also can get rid of radioactive particles, organics, fluorescent substances, pesticides that are harmful to the human body, and can also get rid of annoying water alkali and heavy metals;

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