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Does the water filtered from the water purifier need to be boiled again?

Jul 19,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Many people buy water purifiers to drink clean and healthy water. So, can the water filtered by the water purifier be taken directly, or it needs to be boiled before drinking?
The first thing that needs to be pointed out is that if it is a high-quality water purifier, through its five-stage or six-stage filter element, it can completely filter out floating substances, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, residual chlorine, sediment, rust and rust. Micro-organisms. Moreover, some water purifiers on the market use various principles such as ultraviolet rays and activated carbon to achieve raw drinking after filtering the water, and there is no problem. However, from a medical point of view, it is recommended to boil it before drinking after filtering. The main reason is that after the water is boiled, all microorganisms in the water will be killed, and drinking is relatively safe. In addition, water companies often add chlorinated disinfection, which may produce trihalomethanes as a by-product. After boiling, the trihalomethanes can be volatilized by lifting the lid on a small fire and boiling for 3 minutes.
There are 3 types of common commercially available water purifiers, namely "filter kettle", "under cabinet type water purifier" and "RO reverse osmosis water purifier". Generally, the filter kettle can only filter impurities and heavy metals. If the stomach is sensitive, it is recommended to boil the water before drinking. The under-cabinet type water purifier not only filters impurities and heavy metals, but also filters out chlorine and E. coli. The filtered water can be directly consumed without boiling.
Ordinary users are very familiar with RO reverse osmosis water purifier. The filtered water is pure water without any ingredients, and it can be drunk without boiling.

The ancient Chinese believed that "everything that is boiled and drunk will cause illnesses to survive", which emphasizes the health that can be obtained after boiling water. As far as the current situation of the domestic mixed water purifier market is concerned, the filtration technology between water purifier products is different. Many other brand water purifiers do not guarantee the filtration effect when dealing with particulate impurities, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses. This is definitely recommended to boil before drinking.
There is also an ultrafiltration water purifier, which depends on whether the consumer lives in the south or the north, because there is no way to deal with the problem of hard water scale, it is recommended to drink after boiling. If you install an RO reverse osmosis pure water machine, you can drink it directly. If you want to drink hot water or think that boiling is healthy, it is recommended to install a pipeline water dispenser that can be heated.