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An indispensable public outdoor drinking water platform in landscape gardens

Jun 01,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

As our living standards continue to improve, the requirements for the quality of life continue to increase. Whether it is residences or gardens and landscapes for play, many architectural designs pay great attention to public drinking water in the later hardware infrastructure. Drinking water health is even more important. People are concerned, so in the garden landscape design, the public outdoor drinking water platform has also become one of the basic hardware facilities.

Water is the source of human survival. Our life cannot be separated from water, and our physical health cannot be separated from water. Our growing material and spiritual civilization are embodied. The future will be the embodiment of modern civilization that advocates health and values ​​the health of drinking water. In order for people to drink healthy and safe direct drinking water at any time when they travel in public places, the emergence of outdoor public drinking fountains is indispensable, which has also attracted the attention of garden and landscape design, construction developers, and construction parties. Better continuation of healthy drinking water civilization.

In fact, outdoor public direct drinking fountains are not uncommon in Western developed countries. When we go abroad, on the streets or in important tourist attractions, we can see the installation of outdoor public direct drinking fountains everywhere, and our country has also been in the past few years. Public drinking water facilities have been introduced, especially in developed coastal cities. The emergence of outdoor public direct drinking fountains and the dissemination of knowledge about drinking water safety have made the public understand the importance of healthy and safe drinking water, which is also a key to building a modern metropolis. A manifestation of civilization that allows citizens or tourists to travel without having to carry disposable plastic water bottles such as mineral water bottles, resulting in serious street garbage and piles of garbage at tourist sites, which worsen the environment.
When it comes to outdoor direct drinking fountains, many people may say that they don’t understand. In fact, the outdoor direct drinking fountains are the public outdoor drinking fountains we commonly see. The materials used are mainly stainless steel, marble or logs, etc., and they are mainly installed on the street. , Parks, communities, wharfs, stations and other prosperous and dense public places, the installation of public outdoor direct drinking fountains can allow citizens to drink directly, which is convenient for citizens' lives.