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Healthy drinking water: 6 Effects of drinking water before meals

2016-10-09 11:41:05 jingxi Read

Water is the Source of Life, everyone from the boiling water, many people love to drink a cup of water before meals, so you can tell the stomach to eat slightly, ready to work, and drinking water before meals can have a sense of satiety is conducive to weight loss, good drinking water before meals can be more than a little. So just look at it and see what other role?

According to Broadcasting British Corporation, expert at the University of London, St Mary's medical school in England announced that drinking water before meals have increased the attention of six major benefits. The study of the experts on more than 3000 patients after clinical observation found that asthma, allergies, depression, stomach ulcers and other diseases and the number of water intake.

"Drinking water is closely related to some diseases. If the water intake is insufficient, it is likely to be a stroke, obesity and other diseases, such as hidden dangers." Experts say.

Nowadays, more and more people who pay attention to drinking water are more and more people who can really drink, but not much. Do not pick the time to drink, do not care about the content to drink, do not mind to drink...... Can only prove that you are drinking water, but not necessarily to drink to the water.

1, to improve attention: to help the brain to maintain vitality, the new information firmly in memory.

2, improve immunity: can improve the vitality of the immune system, against the invasion of bacteria.

3, anti depression: can stimulate the nerve to produce the substance of the fight against depression.

4, anti insomnia: water is a necessity for the production of natural sleep modulators.

5, cancer: the hematopoietic system is operating normally, help to prevent a variety of cancer.

6, prevention of disease: can prevent heart and cerebral vascular blockage.

In addition, the experts also recommended a "drinking water", provide for you reference:

6:30 after a night of sleep, the body began to water, get up on the occasion of the first drink 250cc of water, can help the kidneys and liver detoxification.

8:30 get up early to the office from the process, time is always very tight, emotions are more intense, the body virtually will appear dehydration, so to the office, don't give yourself a cup of coffee, at least 250cc of water!

11:00 in the air-conditioned room to work after a period of time, must take advantage of moving up, and give yourself a day in third cups of water, replenish moisture, helps to relax the tense emotions at work!

12:50 spent half an hour after lunch, drink some water, you can strengthen the body's digestive function.

15:00 with a glass of mineral water instead of healthy refreshing drinks such as tea and coffee can be refreshing.

17:30 leave the office before work, drink a cup of water, increase satiety, after dinner, not overeating.

22:00 1 to half an hour before going to bed drink a cup of water to the water intake of 2000cc today. But don't drink too much, so as not to interfere with the night on the quality of sleep in the bathroom.

In addition to know the benefits of drinking water and the right time, we should also pay attention to how to choose water, preferably with water as the main, followed by lemonade and a variety of fruit juice.

Drinking water is about getting up in the morning to drink cold boiled water is not healthy

Some people say that the morning drink a cup of boiling water is good for the body, some people say the morning should drink honey water, skin care through the stomach, no matter what water to drink, do not drink cold boiled water, warm water is best.

There are many benefits of drinking water before meals, usually drink plenty of water is always harmless to the body, and now although it is early spring, but the weather is still a little dry, drink plenty of water can be detoxification moisturizing.

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