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5 principles of healthy drinking water in summer

2016-10-09 11:45:52 jingxi Read

In the hot summer, if not timely replenishment will not only feel thirsty, the body will bring health risks. So summer water must be not less. So, do you have a healthy way of drinking water? Here, we briefly introduce the principles of healthy drinking water for the summer!

1、drink warm don't drink cool


Drink cold water will make the gastrointestinal mucosa suddenly cold, so that the original open capillary contraction, cause gastrointestinal discomfort or diarrhea. The hot water into the esophagus, easy to damage the esophagus mucosa, induced esophageal cancer. Therefore, the temperature of drinking water can not be too hot nor too cold, the most appropriate temperature is 10 ~30.

2、drink light do not drink sweet

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Summer sweat loss is not just water, as well as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, etc.. So hot days should drink salt water to add sodium, homemade mung bean soup, lemon water not only refreshing cool, can also add vitamins and other nutrients. Need to be reminded that a variety of sweet drinks high sugar, high energy, nutrients are also relatively monotonous, not recommended a large number of drinking, but also can not be used instead of water.

3、slow drink do not drink fast

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Drink plenty of water, many people used a "booze", but this method is not good for healthy drinking water. Quick to drink plenty of water will quickly dilute the blood, increase the burden on the heart, it is easy to swallow a large amount of air together, easy to cause the cause of the. The proper way to drink water is to put a saliva in your mouth, slowly swallow a few times, so as to fully nourish the mouth and throat, effectively relieve thirst.


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When thirsty upset or lack of pain and other conditions, it shows that the body's cells have begun to dehydration, at this time to drink water is already passive". As time passes, the human body will be in a state of water shortage for a long time, is not conducive to the normal metabolism. Therefore, drinking water and eating the same, but also need time, change passive drinking water for the active, in the sense of thirst before drinking.

5、not only to drink water, but also to eat more fruit

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Cucumber, watermelon, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables in the water than the ordinary water, more easily into the cell. So in the water at the same time, but also to "eat" water. In addition, fruits and vegetables are also rich in antioxidants, a variety of minerals and important B vitamins, etc., to enhance the body's immunity, prevent aging, to resist disease are great benefits.

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