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Learning how to drink water is more healthy.

2016-10-09 11:46:29 jingxi Read

Observe the tap water smell and color

City running water from the tap water plant comes out, are very safe, the main hidden danger, mainly from the tap water pipe and a wide variety of unexpected factors. Then tap water into the family, how the residents found the problem as soon as possible.

Experts pointed out that the family does not have a sound detection means, but we can from the turbidity, color, taste and other senses to strengthen observation, cultivate a good habit. There is the smell of the soil, rotten egg smell, taste the rust water, need attention, if you need to consult the relevant departments to seriously. Some smell is the residue by product, microbial metabolism in the pipeline caused by rust.

Don't try to bottled water drinking machine using collocation

Bottled water and water machine collocation use, can greatly increase the risk of drinking water pollution two. Because the water dispenser, a total of 5 outlets, a water inlet and a water outlet, export etc..

Experts suggest that bottled water as far as possible with a water interface to water, can reduce pollution two chance of drinking machine.

Put the loofah and boiling water after the open cover can reduce the harmful substances

Some of the old small way, still applies to the present, the residents can try. As for some loofahs, put in boiling water in a kettle, can play the adsorption particles, suspended solids and harmful microbes, but it should be noted that loofah should be cleaned regularly, otherwise known as a new source of pollution in the kettle.

Boil the tap water, the inside of the chlorides will evaporate, some pathogenic microorganisms can be killed. In daily when boiling water begins to boil after open the lid, let the boiling water 2-3 minutes boiling, do not boil too long, otherwise it will become negative health before boiling water. This can evaporate some of the chlorine in the water and residues of harmful substances.

Natural mineral water can be mixed with water mixed with

Natural mineral water must be completely safe and healthy drinking water source it? Experts pointed out that it can be better, but this is not necessary, according to the household use habit, some white-collar workers, work during the day, no time for too much time, economic conditions allow, you can choose the amount of packaging is simple and easy to carry bottled natural mineral water.

Natural mineral water contains a certain amount of beneficial substances in the human body, long-term drinking will be good, can be mixed with the daily drinking water, relatively speaking, more people can accept.

Distinguish between safe water and healthy water

Will drink water, we must first understand the types of drinking water, drinking water according to the human physiological needs can be divided into two categories, one is the safety of water refers to water without harm to the human body safety, can maintain the basic human life, popular point is called the water of life insurance.

The other is healthy water, which means the long-term drinking can improve the quality of human life, and promote the healthy water. Safe water is the premise of drinking water, but safe water is not equal to healthy water.

Small tips: Dear male friends, drink it first to understand and consciously find the home tap water problems that may arise on the basis of this method, then take unhealthy substances in water less as far as possible, to improve the quality of drinking water.

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