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Five factors to accelerate the deterioration of water quality in Dianchi billions of dollars of government funding

2016-10-09 11:42:09 jingxi Read

Compared to 2010, 2015 Dianchi nutrition state index decreased by 9.2%. The water quality in the lake by severe eutrophication into moderate eutrophication, total emissions of water pollutants in Dianchi basin were controlled, the surrounding environment improved significantly. 2016 Kunming proposed governance Dianchi full speed "13th Five-Year" goal: strive to 2020, the main indicators of Dianchi water quality reached the standard IV. Open sources from the Dianchi Municipal Bureau of Kunming City, said 2016 Dianchi protection and governance will be implemented in 88 projects across the annual implementation of 62 projects, the annual investment of 3 billion 300 million yuan to complete.

Known as the "Pearl of the plateau" in Dianchi, Yunnan, since the beginning of last century, the phenomenon of serious pollution. The local government attaches great importance to the 20 years since 1996, has invested nearly 50 billion yuan of governance in Dianchi. Dianchi has made some progress, but the ecological environment of the Dianchi River Basin still needs further improvement. Up to now, Dianchi water quality is still more than inferior V class.

Recently, the Kunming Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued the "Dianchi river basin water environmental protection plan" 13th Five-Year "(20162020 years) (the draft) (hereinafter referred to as the" plan "), and has held a hearing. According to the plan, "13th Five-Year" period, plans a total investment of 19 billion 268 million yuan Dianchi governance, planning 100 projects, including 77 new projects, investment of about 10 billion 669 million yuan. This allows Dianchi to become the focus of attention of the outside world.

The "planning", the Dianchi river water pollution sources mainly including point sources, agricultural non-point source, city non-point source and soil erosion. In 2015, the Dianchi River Basin sewage discharge volume of 360 million cubic meters, the main pollutants into the lake land accounted for 39 thousand and 700 tons of chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen 5205 tons, 7321 tons of total nitrogen and total phosphorus of 614 tons.

"Dianchi Qing, Kunming xing." The Kunming Export into words, reflects the longing and expectations of the people of Dianchi governance. In fact, from the beginning of the 95 period, Dianchi has been listed as the national focus of governance lakes, governance investment continued to increase. From 1996 to 2015, 20 years at all levels of government investment of nearly 50 billion yuan. 2015, the material from the people's Government of Kunming City, 20 years, the total investment of 48 billion 893 million yuan in Dianchi governance.   

How to get dirty

"Five hundred Dianchi, ran the eye, Pijin shore Ze, like the vast open without boundary......" Kunming grand building is a long line of pictures in Dianchi. Dianchi is located in the southwest side of the main city of Kunming at the foot of Xishan, also known as Kunming lake, is a typical semi enclosed lake, the lake is 309 square kilometers, with an average depth of 5.3 meters, the perennial water 1 billion 500 million cubic meters, is the sixth largest inland freshwater lake in China, is the largest area of Yunnan lake. The history of Dianchi "reeds clouds, shimmering willows, diving Heron fly" has been sightseeing, summer resort.

Environmental monitoring data show that in 60s and 70s of last century, Dianchi is the two type of water, basically can be directly consumed. Into the 80s after the rapid deterioration of water quality. After 90s, the inferior V water quality of Dianchi has been reduced to the overall green stink, serious eutrophication, become one of China's most polluted lakes.

Dianchi is dirty, the overall look is with the economic and social development, the pollution load in Dianchi exceeded its self purification capacity, destruction of the ecological balance. Of course, this is a general statement. But experts say five reasons: one is the Dianchi Kunming city is located in low-lying areas; two is domestic sewage and industrial wastewater discharged into Dianchi; the three is the Dianchi Lake area urbanization rapid development; four is Dianchi belongs to semi closed lakes, the lack of adequate and clean river water replacement; five is the natural evolution of Dianchi in the process of accumulation of pollutants.

"The acceleration of pollution in Dianchi is from the middle and late 80s of last century, the main reason is the extensive development of industry and the change of city life style." Xu Xiaomei, vice president of the Kunming Municipal Science Research Institute, which has long term research on the governance of Dianchi, said that the industrial development of Dianchi River Basin in 80s is fast, a lot of high polluting industries. On the other hand, before the city residents are using dry toilets, in late 80s, the rapid spread of water flush toilets, which also led to increased pollution in Dianchi.

Guandu District of Kunming City Fu Liuchia village is a village near Dianchi, because of its rapid economic development in Yunnan province and the famous, the village started in mills, economic development also has a large number of sewage discharge. "Dianchi source of pollution, initially mainly industrial sewage and urban sewage, and later industrial control, sewage is still the main source of pollution, agricultural non-point source pollution, the proportion is also growing." Director of the planning department of Dianchi Kunming administration Yu Shifu said.

At the end of the interception and interception of both source

Obviously, "Kunming, Dianchi ecological governance is the biggest project, we practice the green development of the concept of" touchstone ", related to the construction of ecological civilization global." Municipal leaders to position the new era of governance in Dianchi.

Sewage interception, is the most direct, the most fundamental and effective measures to reduce the pollution of the lake into the lake. Kunming proposed a "accurate pollution" concept, speeding up the urban sewage treatment plant, the sewage interception project and supporting pipe network construction, strengthen the supervision of the operation of sewage treatment facilities, river remediation efforts to increase.

The Lake sewage interception project has been implemented, Dianchi and its surrounding river has built 97 kilometers of sewage interception trunk canal, 22 water purification plant, 17 rain and sewage storage tanks, Kunming water environmental protection to achieve the transition from the end of pollutant control as the source of pollutant control.

The Lake Sewage Interception Project in addition to the construction of sewage interception trunk canal (canal), also vigorously new water purification plant, rain and sewage drainage, rainwater and sewage storage tank. At the end of last year, Kunming city has built 12 sewage treatment plants, sewage interception of the main channel (tube) supporting rain mixed sewage of 10 sewage treatment plants, the quantity of sewage volume reached 1 million 970 thousand cubic meters.

At present, Kunming yard drainage of rain and sewage drainage network, more than 4600 kilometers of the total length of 11000 kilometers, and 500 kilometers of reclaimed water network, the network throughout the city underground every inch of land, to the sewage water purification plant have the dry channel, the main urban area sewage collection rate of 92%, sewage basin the collection rate of 75%.

Since 2015, the city of Kunming launched into the lake river regulation project, the full implementation of the 35 main river into the lake comprehensive renovation, dredging 1 million 15 thousand cubic meters, the comprehensive renovation of the river effective, smelly water basically eliminated, water quality improved significantly. The implementation of the dredging in Dianchi lake, off the coast of the range of 18 square kilometers, to carry out biological treatment and removal of blue algae and other endogenous pollution control projects, continue to cut the Dianchi stock of endogenous pollution.

In addition, according to the target, to 2018, will ensure the realization of Caohai to achieve stability V; by 2020, the Dianchi lake eutrophication level significantly decreased, cyanobacteria significantly reduced, ecological environment improved significantly, Dianchi sea water quality to achieve stability IV.

"13th Five-Year" to recover investment 19 billion 268 million yuan

"13th Five-Year" period, Dianchi will be the implementation of how to manage, which projects, water to several kinds of standard? In the end of 8 the "Dianchi river basin water environmental protection plan" 13th Five-Year "(hearing draft) (hereinafter referred to as the" planning ") hearing draft) given a clear answer.

Strive to 2018, Caohai to achieve stability V; by 2020, the Dianchi lake eutrophication level decreased, cyanobacteria bloom reduced significantly (waters north of the waters off the coast of moderate algal blooms decreased more than 20% days), the ecological environment improved significantly, Dianchi water quality to achieve stability IV (COD = 40mg/L); "13th Five-Year" during the period, Longjiang, the Luolong River to maintain the stability of class III, new Baoxiang River, Maliaohe River, East River (River silt), to maintain the stability of the IV class, the real ship, Xiang River, river, Grand River, Laoyu River, Jinzhi River stable holding V; by 2020, Xiba River other major rivers into the lake to achieve stability V; 7 centralized drinking water quality and stability standards.

Planning a total of 100 projects, a total investment of 19 billion 268 million yuan. Among them, 77 new projects, investment of about 10 billion 669 million yuan; knot turn "12th Five-Year" Project 23, investment 8 billion 599 million yuan.

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