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Water pollution prevention and control of key industries clean production technology implementation plan issued

2016-10-09 11:42:01 jingxi Read

Notice of the Ministry of industry and Information Technology Ministry of environmental protection on printing and distributing the "implementation plan for cleaner production technology of water pollution prevention and control key industries"

Section 275 of the joint section of the Ministry of industry and technology, 2016

All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and cities under separate state planning, Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, industry and information technology departments, environmental protection department (bureau), the relevant central enterprises, the relevant industry associations:

To implement the "China manufacturing 2025" (Guo Fa 2015 No. 28) and the "water pollution prevention action plan" (Guo Fa 2015 No. 17), to promote the paper, printing and dyeing and other 11 key industries in the implementation of cleaner production technology, reduce industrial added amount of water, water reuse rate increase, reduce water strict control of pollutants, and the reduction of the total emissions of water pollutants, promote comprehensive emission standards, promote the continuous improvement of the water quality of the environment, we organize the preparation of the "water pollution prevention and control in key industries to implement cleaner production technology program" (hereinafter referred to as the "project"). The "plan" is hereby printed and distributed to you, and put forward the following requirements for the implementation of the work:

One, to speed up the implementation of cleaner production technology transformation. Enterprises should fully play the main role in application of cleaner production technology, actively adopt advanced technology to implement cleaner production technology, improve technological level and core competitiveness, from the source to prevent and reduce pollution, promote water pollution control targets. The central enterprise group shall actively organize the enterprises to adopt advanced and applicable clean production technology to implement the transformation and provide financial support.

Two, do a good job in technical support and information consulting services. The relevant industry associations, research institutes and institutions of environmental comprehensive services, to give full play to their own advantages, providing technical guidance, technical support, technical service and information consultation, communication and discussion, to help enterprises to implement cleaner production technology, advanced technology should be used to improve the penetration rate.

Three, strengthen policy guidance and support. All levels of industry and information technology departments should make full use of clean production, technological innovation, industrial upgrading and transformation of special funds and special construction funds, green credit and other financing channels, to support the implementation of "cleaner production technological transformation plan" in the enterprise, to meet the requirements of the project to give priority support. All levels of environmental protection departments in the prevention and control of water pollution related funds, consider to meet emission standards based on the implementation of "clean production technology" in the program and can effectively reduce pollutant emissions exceed the standard or local projects included in the scope of support.

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